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In the erstwhile, Madhya Bharat State , The Board of Revenue was constituted under the M.B Board of Revenue Ordinance, 1948 . A Board of Revenue was constituted in the erstwhile Vindhya Pradesh State under the Vindya Pradesh , Board of Revenue Ordinance , 1948 . Similarly in the former Central Provinces the Board of Revenue was constituted under C.P. and Bearer Board of Revenue Ordinance 1949 . On the eve of formation of new Madhya Pradesh State, three boards of Revenue were functioning for Mahakoshal , Madhya Bharat and Vindhya Pradesh regions ( Sironj being a part of the Rajasthan State and Bhopal having no such institution.) Under the Bhopal State Land Revenue Act, 1932 there was no court named the Board of Revenue .The revisional and second appellate jurisdiction was exercised by the State Government .The State Government delegated these powers to the Assistant Chief Commissioner, Bhopal.

The three boards were integrated by Notification No 10-I-A published in the M.P. Rajpatra Extraordinary, dated the 1st November, 1956. The Government of the new Madhya Pradesh State constituted Board of Revenue for the New State. By Notification No 12-I-A dated the 1st November, 1956, published in M.P. Rajpatra, Extraordinary of the same date, the State Government has specified that the Board of Revenue shall exercise the powers of Assistant Chief Commissioner Bhopal.

By Notification No 5399-2072-VII -N-II, dated the 10th June 1960, published in M.P. Rajpatra ,dated the 5th August 1960, the State Government has appointed Gwalior as the principal seat of Board of Revenue , Madhya Pradesh . By notification no 3052-37-60 dated the 18th October 1960 , published in MP Rajpatra dated the 9 December 1960, the President , Board of Revenue with the previous approval of the State Government has appointed Rewa , Indore , Jabalpur and Raipur as the places at which the President and members of the Board may hold circuit courts in addition to the principal seat of the Board at Gwalior . By Notification No 374-336/3-71 , dated 17 February 1971 , two more circuits have been established at Bhopal and Bilaspur (which as now became a part of Chattisgarh State) . In addition two more circuit courts Sagar and Ujjain have been established,




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